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The Pesticide and Environment Italian Research Group (GRIFA) is a scientific and non profit organization funded in Cagliari (Italy) November 26, 1982.

The principal aims of GRIFA are:

to promote scientific research on pesticides and, in particular, on the aspects of the interaction between pesticides and environment;
to promote pesticides knowledge to ensure the correct utilization of these compounds in the attempt to save the environment and provide a better human health;
to encourage the exchange of current knowledge among scientists and environmental associations;
to coordinate the activity of health and environmental personnel;
to be a leading discussant with the government and private associations.

President and board members are elected every two years. Members of GRIFA are Institutions and not single individuals. Institutions can become member by a direct request to the board. GRIFA is formed by at least 40 centers located through Italy: universities, minister of agriculture, public laboratories, industry, service societies.

Various scientific and didactic activities are promoted by GRIFA. These include:
Study groups - topics of a scientific interest are discussed and developed by study groups. These groups are created by the board following suggestions from members. Study groups operate independently and report on the outcome of the studies to the members;
Seminars - various scientific and legislative topics are presented and discussed. In these seminars one or more experts, including foreign speakers, present topics of particular interest;
Meetings - GRIFA promotes scientific sessions in which scientific discoveries are presented and discussed. In these meetings, open also to non-members, researchers have the opportunity of exchanging ideas and results;
Scientific pubs - the "Quaderni GRIFA", which include the proceedings of meetings and special pubblications monographies, are published periodically;
Study sections - GRIFA is consulted by the Minister of Agriculture and pesticide companies to discuss and review specific topics;
Didactic - each year GRIFA organizes short visits in national and international research organizations. These visits promote interest and foster new collaboration.






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